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End of Season

To end this years season we’re having a club day where members of all squads, friends, family and more are invited to come and enjoy a casual day of games and activities.

For members of the club we’re planning to have a fuddle so if you want to contribute and bring in some food please mail to add your name to the pot for us to coordinate.

This is a perfect time for new players to come down and find out more without any pressure at all – just to have a go or even just watch.

If you’re on facebook you can find the event here.


This link works even if you don’t have facebook


Next Season

Next seasons start date s still to be announced but we have confirmed we will be entering a second team into the League in Division 4. The initial selection for this squad is complete but any and all player are welcome to register. We are only able to fund entry for the selected squad members but all others are welcome to sign up if they are willing to pay their own registration fee (£30 seniors, £15 Juniors).


Speak to Martin on the 13th if you’re interested