Squads and Training

We try our best to make this sport as accessible as possible to all so we split our training sessions into different focal groups, trying to ensure a pathway for progression for all:


The juniors sessions have no set age limits but are for younger players possibly new to the sport or focusing on improvement.


Our development sessions are aimed predominantly at senior players who may be new to the sport, looking for recreational involvement in the club or working to develop to high level competitive play.

When we have enough players we enter an additional team into the lower divisions of the National League. When this is not possible we look to give all development players an opportunity to experience competitive play by organising ‘friendlies’ with our friends at neighbouring clubs.


The advanced sessions are explicitly for players playing a fast and competitive level of sport and the emphasis on training is around match readiness in terms of fitness and strategy. These players form a squad which plays in higher divisions in the national league.


For details on the timings of the different training sessions make sure to check our our calendar as training times can fluctuate.